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What is a Medallion Signature Guarantee?

A medallion signature guarantee is a stamp from an eligible guarantor institution, such as a bank, broker, or credit union that indicates the individual signing a form is legally authorized to conduct the requested transaction.

We suggest contacting your guarantor institution for their document requirements to obtain the stamp. You will complete and sign the authorization form in their presence. The guarantor may also require the physical certificates, a statement evidencing the account number for uncertificated shares, or other applicable documents prior to affixing the medallion signature guarantee.

Please note the stamp must be legible and may not be dated or annotated. A notary seal is not a substitute for a medallion signature guarantee.

For help with locating a guarantor in your area who provides medallion signature guarantee stamps, please visit: www.msglookup.com.

Alternatively, EQ Unify has entered into an arrangement for U.S. shareholders to obtain a medallion signature guarantee via an online platform at www.eSignatureGuarantee.com at a discounted rate.

1.  Go to the website eSignatureGuarantee.com

2.  Have your ID validated (no prior account required)

3.  You will have an option to upload your documents or send to eSignatureGuarantee by mail

3.  To ensure your completed documents are received by EQ Unify, please update the return address by clicking “Ship to different address” and enter the following address:

EQ Unify
Attn: Asset Reunification
11200 West Parkland Ave, Ste 101
Milwaukee, WI 53224

4.   Use the promo code to receive a discount on the medallion signature guarantee purchase.  Promo code: EQUNIFY

Please note: This is only for U.S. shareholders, and there is a $500,000 limit on the value of transactions that eSignatureGuarantee.com is able to guarantee.